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iDPL-ST (Single Tray) Ultra High Speed In-Line Router with Auto Tray System


  • Auto Loading System(Tray)
  • Ultra High Speed Z Axis Up & Down
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Spindle RPM
  • Pass/Fail PCB Separation
  • Independent Dual Z Axis
  • Auto Load/Unload Position Teaching
  • Dual Transfer for Minimum Idle time
  • Compact Design


  • ID Verification with Fingerprint
  • Barcode Interlock & MES
  • AGV System Interlock


  • Auto Loading System(Tray)
    After cutting PCB, it is unloading it to tray directly and same direction by using rotated unloader after cutting it. And full try is released by order with stacking system.
  • Ultra High Speed Z Axis Up & Down
    It will be more improved cycle time & work capacity with developed & applied crank type z axis which is increased the up & down speed innovatively.
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Spindle RPM
    It is protected PCB with sounding alarm when spindle PRM is declining by detecting it in real time.
  • Pass/Fail PCB Separation
    It is separating and releasing the fail PCB by NG conveyor, after getting data of NG PCB from front equipment by MES.
  • Independent Dual Z Axis
    In during 2 heads cutting, if one PCB is left lastly, it is able to cut it by only one spindle.
  • Vision System
    It is able to detect different model and loading fail, and available fiducial checking.
  • Wide Spindle Pitch
    Making more wider the spindle pitch than original 2 spindles, it is able to use cutting big size PCB.
  • Auto Load/Unload Position Teaching
    It is shortened new model programing time innovatively with no need teaching the position of load/unload. Specially, it is able to be fest teaching the each unloading position with auto generating in the tray.
  • Shuttle In-Let Conveyor
    PCB feeding position of in-let conveyor can be changed for response costumer's line layout
    In-let flexibly.
  • Auto Width Adjustment for Multi-Spindle(AWA)
    It is able to install 3~5 spindles in depending PCB array. Each spindle is able to do auto width adjustment(AWA)
  • Real-Time Bit Broken & Slip Down Detection
    It is sounded the alarm when bit broken & slip down with applied direct bit detection sensor type.
  • Ionizer
    It is standard installation for protected PCB and efficient removing dust(area ionizing type)
  • Dual Transfer
    It is applied the dual transfer which is load and unloader are working separately for minimum idle time.
  • Compact Design
    It is the most compact design for securing customer space
  • Loader / Unloader Rotating
    Loader/unloader are rotated 90 or 180 degree by model for fixing PCB on the jig or cutting area.
  • Multi-Bit Function & Life Time Management
    It is using multi-bit by 2~3 level for reducing consumable cost of customer and sounding alarm when bit is on each level by life time management.
  • UPS
    It is as Installed as Standard, and Protecting Data and Equipment From Line Shout Down.
    (IPC Covering Capacity)


  • Barcode Interlock & MES
    It is used vision system or scanner to read the 1D/2D barcode for MES function with costumer's network
  • ID Verification with Fingerprint
    It is available to be high security user management and easy logging by registered and appreciated user fingerprint.
  • Dimensional Inspection
    It is inspecting cutting measure & burr after cutting, and able to implement additional cutting.
  • Edge Detection Function
    As powerful vision system function, the both sides PCB edges beside a cutting tab are detected and compensate cutting position by tolerance of boards.
  • CAD/CAM Data Conversion
    It is converted CAD/CAM data to routing cutting data then able to do offline programing.
  • AGV System Interlock
    It is software module for auto loading/unloading the tray stack with connecting customer’s AGV system.
  • Gripper Unloader
    If there is restriction of unloading with heavy PCB or high component, it is able to use gripper type of unloader.
  • Visual Data Log System (Visual Recorder)
    It is able to check phenomenon & cause by video recoding & saving inside of equipment when issue is happened during it is working.
  • Real-Time Self-Diagnosis Dust Collector
    It is able to do self-diagnosis about pressure, damage & pollution level inside dust collector and sound alarm to router(patent-pending)
  • Filter+Cyclone Complex Dust Collector
    It is able to use filter semi-permanently with applied cyclone, and install plastic bag.
  • Easy Handling Dust Collector
    It is able to use the plastic bag for disposing dust cleanly & easily.