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nDPL-TW (Twin) Twin PCB Sawing System


  • Twin Table PCB Sawing System
  • X & Y Full-Duplex Cutting (Rotating Saw Head)
  • Simultaneous Top/Bottom Dust Removal
  • Quick & Easy Programming with Camera & MPG/Jog
  • User Friendly GUI Based on IPC & Touch LCD
  • Compact Design


  • Vision System
  • Barcode Interlock & MES Interface
  • Bit Detection System
  • ID Verification with Fingerprint


  • Twin Shuttle Table
    It is able to be minimum idle time for loading/unloading PCB with applied twin table.
  • X & Y Full-Duplex Cutting
    It is able to cut by full-duplex ways as horizontal & vertical with applying the rotating saw head.
  • Perfect Dust Removal
    It is able to be perfect dust removal with simultaneous top/bottom dust collection.
  • Camera Teaching
    It is available teaching accurately & easily to use camera
  • Compact Design
    It is the most compact design for securing customer space
  • Tool(Saw Blade) Lift Time Management
    It sounds alarm for replacement when saw blade is matched with set point. And it is able to set point of the saw blade lift time.
  • Ionizer
    It is standard installation for protected PCB and efficient removing dust(area ionizing type)
  • Full Graphic Interface
    It is easy & comfortable operation by applied GUI base on windows
  • Safety Sensor
    It is applied for safety of operator of loading/unloading PCB.


  • Vision System
    It is able to detect different model and loading fail, and available fiducial checking.
  • Barcode Interlock & MES
    It is used vision system or scanner to read the 1D/2D barcode for MES function with costumer's network
  • ID Verification with Fingerprint
    It is available to be high security user management and easy logging by registered and appreciated user fingerprint.
  • Dimensional Inspection
    It is inspecting cutting measure is qualified or not base on specification after cutting.
  • OK/NG PCB Separation System
    It is able to do self-diagnosis about pressure, damage & pollution level inside dust collector and sound alarm to router(patent-pending)
  • Real-Time Self-Diagnosis Dust Collector
    It is able to Do Self-Diagnosis about Pressure, Damage & Pollution Level Inside Dust Collector and Sound Alarm to Router(Patent-Pending)
  • Filter+Cyclone Complex Dust Collector
    It is able to use filter semi-permanently with applied cyclone, and install plastic bag.
  • Easy Handling Dust Collector
    It is able to use the plastic bag for disposing dust cleanly & easily.