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nDPL-S (Single) Single Off-Line Router


  • Single Table Off-Line Router
  • Dual Spindle as Standard
  • High Efficiency Dust Collecting System for 0% Remaining Dust
  • Quick & Easy Programming with Camera & MPG/Jog
  • User Friendly GUI Based on IPC & Touch LCD
  • Compact Design


  • Vision System
  • Barcode Interlock & MES Interface
  • Bit Detection System
  • ID Verification with Fingerprint


  • Single Shuttle Table
    It is able to respond flexibly at production line with applied single table. (Lean concept)
  • Dual Spindle Head
    It is able to be fast cutting speed & high performance by applied 2 spindle head as standard. And do auto adjustment spindle width by model. (Option, up to 3~4 spindles)
  • Operator Reduction
    It is reduced the operator & management expense to apply multi head as efficacy of 2 machines.
  • Camera Teaching
    It is available teaching accurately & easily to use camera
  • Compact Design
    It is the most compact design for securing customer space
  • Multi-Bit Function & Life Time Management
    It is using multi-bit by 2~3 level for reducing consumable cost of customer and sounding alarm when bit is on each level by life time management.
  • Ionizer
    It is standard installation for protected PCB and efficient removing dust(area ionizing type)
  • Full Graphic Interface
    It is easy & comfortable operation by applied GUI base on windows
  • Spindle Mate(Self-diagnosis)
    It is prevented the PCB damage caused by spindle with detecting the spindle status by real-time.
  • Safety Sensor
    It is applied for safety of operator of loading/unloading PCB.


  • Vision System
    It is able to detect different model and loading fail, and available fiducial checking.
  • Barcode Interlock & MES
    It is used vision system or scanner to read the 1D/2D barcode for MES function with costumer's network
  • ID Verification with Fingerprint
    It is available to be high security user management and easy logging by registered and appreciated user fingerprint.
  • Edge Detection Function
    As powerful vision system function, the both sides PCB edges beside a cutting tab are detected and compensate cutting position by tolerance of boards.
  • PCB Unloader
    It is using the vacuum type unloader to pick PCB up from jig for avoiding operator mistakes unloading PCB.
  • Bit Detection Sensor
    It sounds the alarm when detecting bit broken automatically
  • CAD/CAM Data Conversion
    It is converted CAD/CAM data to routing cutting data then able to do offline programing.
  • Real-Time Spindle RPM Monitoring
    It is protected PCB with sounding alarm when spindle PRM is declining by detecting it in real time.
  • Auto Width Adjustment for Multi-Spindle(AWA)
    It is able to install 3~5 spindles in depending PCB array. each spindle is able to do auto width adjustment(AWA)
  • Real-Time Self-Diagnosis Dust Collector
    It is able to Do Self-Diagnosis about Pressure, Damage & Pollution Level Inside Dust Collector and Sound Alarm to Router(Patent-Pending)
  • Filter+Cyclone Complex Dust Collector
    It is able to use Filter Semi-permanently with Applied Cyclone, and Install Plastic Bag.
  • Easy Handling Dust Collector
    It is Able to Use The Plastic Bag for Disposing Dust Cleanly & Easily.